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Our New Thermal Imaging System

is a thermal imaging system for providing special solutions with a selectable camera and software. Solving thermal problems requires an ability of system development and varieties of demands are fulfilled by the ablitiy of software development. ViewOhre Imaging with the both ability has been providing a innovative thermal imaging system “ThermalViewX”. You can select a camera head as your need , you can choose application type for using the specific functions you really need with using ThermalViewX. “ThermalViewX App”, a software for GigE thermal camera is available for users who arelady have their own cameras.

Selectable Camera

You can select a camera head as your need such as more piexls, faster frame rates, better resolution and so on. You can build the system to solve your thermal problems.

Platform Software

ThermalViewX supports various types of GigE drivers, configures complex and advanced calibration profiles, and has a huge library structure with numerous functions. Thermal ViewX App is a powerful application that bundles everything together and has a specialized GUI.

Long Use

ThermalViewX has been used for more than 10 years. Camera heads for ThermalViewX keep increasing and the data taken by the version 1.0.0. can be read by the latest version. Keeping an update and upgrade has been giving high performance and lower cost.


With more than 10 years of system development experiences in the field of medical, semiconductor, inspection and other measurement-difficult application, we have been accumulating deliveries for many customers and improve the high stability and functionality.

Our Product

ThermalViewX, a thermography with high performance for measurement-difficult applications, is available with a set of a thermal camera-head and software or stand-alone software with your camera-head we specify.


Thermal camera-head + Software


Product Name : ThermalViewX

ThermalViewX is a thermography system with ThermalViewX App. It has 4 series of MCR (Microscope Thermography), HR(Human-Skin Temperature Research Thermography), DTR(Industrial Research and Inspection), CL (Special application with Cooled Thermography).

Platform Software

Software for Thermography

Thermal View X App - Temperature

Product Name : ThermalViewX App

ThermalViewX App is a Windows software processes signals of GigEVision thermography camera and provides high performance functions such as video-recording, functional correction, differential temperature images and statistical calculation with using unique libraries. You can see clearer thermal images for very small temperature difference.


Parts for your evaluation


ViewOhre Imaging provides infrared components such as optics, blackbody furnaces, optical apertures and so on.

Our Mission​

We create values by our thermography turely required for research and analysis

Thermography has been used in a wide variety of applications. Historically, it had been mainly used for military purposes and used for monitoring or checking rather than temperature measurement. It is now widely used in a variety of fields including electrical equipment inspection, architectural diagnosis becaues of mass production technology and low cost model released. However even in the smaller volumes there are the applications where critical temperature measurement and highly functional analysis are required such clinical research, microscope analysis, high-speed analysis, and so on, but low cost models cannot meet the requests. Now the importance of a software for exact calibration, complicating correction, functional analysis and connecting different cameras is emerging up. ViewOhre Imaging has taken on this challenge, pursued it and developed a product called as “ThermalViewX”

Why we are chosen


“ThermalViewX” developed by Viewohre Imaging is a new thermography that allows you to select a camera for measurement and an application for analysis. Users can create the thermography they really need by selecting the number of pixels, FOV, accuracy, functions they need. The software “ThermalViewX App” allows you to see live thermal images and saved image on two picture boxes is suitable for quickly comparing and analyzing what you are suspecting problems of. You can use this product equipped with high compatibility which results in lower cost and higher performance.


Choose the application you really need and the best camera

For solving various challenges such as semiconductor temperature analysis, clinical research…

Human-Skin Temperature and Heat Pattern

It is used in clinical research, medical education in universities, screening an so on. Comparison of peripheral temperature changes, extraction of specific patterns due to the influence of blood vessels in specific areas, detection of fever areas, left-right differences, comparison of presence/absence of events, changes over time in the same person, cooling load tests, etc.

Micron-Level Semiconductor Measurement

Microscope thermography, which can obtain thermal images with micron-level resolution, can be used to evaluate the hot spots and heat distribution of electronic circuit boards(PCBs), films, heat sinks, etc., which are difficult to attach with contact thermometers such as thermocouples, and to evaluate the friction of motors, mili-level heat source or laser, and some semiconductor measurements, etc.

Optical/Infrared Components
Infrared ray shielding masks are intended to block light from infrared ray sources in a specific shape, but also can be used with any optical light source, not just infrared ray.

Pick Up Product

ThermalViewX MCR Series

ThermalViewX MCR-Series is a microscope which provides you a thermal imaging with temperature information in micron-level scale. This is a very unique system to help you for your development, inspection and research which other temperature sensors cannot help you for. We provide special calibration and correction implemented for less than 1mm sq area device with less than 10um resolution.

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 Thank you very much for meeting us at 2024 Touch Taiwan!

We will show our product microscope thermography in a display show of 2024Touch Taiwan.

We are pleased to announce we have a technical center in Mitaka, Tokyo area. We are happy to add facility to support you.

We will exhibit the Micro-Electronics Show2024 in June 12 to 14. Looking forward to meeting you.

SEMICON is a trade-show for industries relating to semiconductors. We will exhibit our ThermalViewX MCR, a microscope thermography.

 We appreciate your visit at our booth in Taiwan. We are glad to have got an opportunity to discuss your application and thermal imaging technology.  We hope we will have a prospective future each other through further businesses.


The summer vacation period will be from August 11th to 17th. 

The interviewed video was on the site as an exhibition report for the Image Sensing Exhibition 2022.

We were interviewed by the exhibition official at the Image Sensing Exhibition (June 14th-16th).


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